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Build Enduring Relationships

Creating & nurtuting an enduring relationship with a customer is key to ongoing success of every business. A loyal customer will bring more business and spread more recommendations. How do you manage to build such relationship with all your contacts information scattered in different places.

HuHoKa’s Contact Manager helps you have a complete view of you customer at one place and make it available any time anywhere.

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Tap Potential Customers

Potential customers are most important in the long list of lead & opportunities. Tapping them at right time and retaining them is an assured way to grow your business. How do you identify and manage such contact efficiently among the everyday busy routine.

HuHoKa’s Salesforce Automation helps you automate your sales process and focus on potential customers anytime anywhere.

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Deliver on Promises and Time

Delivering with quality and being true on the expectations of a customer guarantees repeat business and recommendations. It helps in the long run of making your business successful. How do you deliver on promise & time with numerous tasks and crunchy deadlines?

HuHoKa’s Task management helps you to delegate every task, follow up and complete within deadlines. Increase team's productivity and thereby create a winning team.

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Sales Force Management

Are you surprised that many accessible and potential contacts were never really tapped?

Improve sales productivity, increase win rates and grow your revenue. With HuHoKa, connect with customers effectively, anytime, anywhere and close deals faster. Instead of using one sales process for all your products and services, Customize it based on what you are selling. Get Results. Not surprises.

Contact Manager

Are you amazed that your diary holding leads and prospects has become impossible to handle?

Does keeping track of all communication stagnates and wears you out? 360° view of contacts helps you manage them efficiently. Import LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Outlook and Excel contacts in no time.

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Task Management

Do you wonder that the simplest pending tasks are turning into a crisis?

Increase team's productivity using Shared, secured and collaborative task management for your team members. Work on the important and not urgent tasks rather than important and urgent (past due) tasks. See how you can manage all your tasks from one dashboard. Get notified about task updates and stay focused.

Document Management

Does it shock you that you waste huge time in searching your own documents?

Attach your documents to Contacts, Sales or Tasks. Search for any document from one central location. Store securely your documents on cloud and forget about keeping backup on your own. Share with everyone or selectively.

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Invoicing & Payments

Does it astonish you that you forget the most important activity in your business of sending invoices?

Send professional looking customizable invoices and track payments. Also send gentle customized reminders to customers. Do it all in HuHoKa or interface with accounting system of your choice with minimal efforts.

Email Integration

Keeping track of all your communication stagnates and wears you out?

Do more with emails by integrating your existing emails or get free emails from HuHoKa. With HuHoKa you will never have to search your emails again. HuHoKa keeps track of who was the mail related to and what you did with it?, like created follow-up task, an opportunity in sales or any something else.

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